Discipline Policy

My behavioral expectations of children and the discipline methods I use are as follows

Behavioral Expectation for Preschoolers: 3-5 Year-Olds Preschoolers

  • They have a desire to please adults.
  • They are learning to take turns and share.
  • They may have outbursts of emotions.
  • They are independent, and do well when given choices.
  • They often tell on others, to prove that they know the rule and because they want others to know they know the rules.
  • They are learning social skills, like sharing and taking turns. They like to play in small groups, but may need some guidance doing this as they learn social skills.
  • They have difficulty waiting very long, regardless of the promised outcome.
  • They exhibit negative and positive behavior in order to get attention.

Discipline Methods used for Preschoolers: 3-5 Year-Olds Preschoolers

  • Preschoolers benefit from having a few simple classroom rules. For example: Walking Feet, Listening Ears, Soft Hands, Inside Voices.
  • When a behavior problem arises, adults can use this as a teaching opportunity and calmly remind children of the classroom rules.
  • Positive reinforcement and redirection also works well with this age group. For example, if a preschooler is throwing blocks, even after being reminded of the rule, he or she can be required to leave the block area and choose a different activity for now.

A copy of the behavioral expectations of children and the discipline methods we use are handed out in the enclosed packet. We also apply Love & Logic choices with empathetic natural consequences, a generous dose of Conscious Discipline and speak the 5 love languages for children. I have plenty of resources on a variety of methods, but most importantly I’ve learned, that a child who feels loved will accept teaching. Discipline come from the Greek work “to train”, it involves the long and vigilant task of guiding a child. The goal is that a child will reach a level of maturity that will allow him one day to function as responsible adults in society.

Absolutely no corporal punishment is used and is considered unacceptable.

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